About the Show

The Skeptical Skeptics Podcast is a show jointly hosted by married couple, RJ and Rachel Metzger. We each tell a story, normally about aliens, monsters, ghosts, conspiracy, murder, or anything strange.

We decided to start the show because we foolishly thought having two kids, a full time job, and various other things weren’t enough work, so we needed more.

Naturally, people seem to pull to opposite sides on all topics, and when a microphone is on – it seems so much worse. It’s due to this polarization we felt that in YouTube, mainstream TV, and in podcasting – the middle ground between believer and skeptic was not well represented. RJ and Rachel have a natural tendency to sway towards the thought that very rarely do we know the whole story, and that elements of the mundane and the supernatural likely mix more often than not. So, we try to live in that territory as a show. When we think something, we share it. We don’t force a middle ground, that’s just where we happen to land most of the time.